Watch: Vegan Chef Nicola “CHEF Cola” On Her Wellness Movement ‘African Vegan On A Budget’

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Chef Nicola “Cola”, a Harare and Cape Town-based vegan chef, started an innovative plant-based programme to reintroduce veganism culture in Africa, by crafting delectable vegan recipes with a modern twist, to inspire many to adopt the lifestyle on a budget.

Compiled by: Blacklight Media
Video by: Chef Cola
All images courtesy of Chef Cola

Watch Chef Cola talking about veganism in Africa, the benefits of a plant-based diet, and why the future will be more vegan.
Video by: Chef Cola

View the gallery of some of Chef Cola’s famous vegan meals [Images supplied]:

For more on Chef Cola, got to:
Instagram: @africanveganonabudget
Twitter: @chef_cola
Facebook: @chefcola

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