Tips On How To Pull Off A Gender-bending Look – Nao Serati

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Nao Serati is an acclaimed local designer who won his place in the fashion landscape with his gender non-conforming designs.

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Photos supplide by Nao Serati

The designer shared some tips with Blacklight on how to pull-off that gender-bending look before he dazzled at the recent South African Menswear Week (Spring/Summer 2017), held in Cape Town.

Fashion desinger Nao Serati

1. Firstly, why are you trying to pull off a gender-bending look?  I ask that because I believe we shouldn’t do something because it’s trendy or looks cool on Instagram. We must always know why we doing it, so that we can respect it. So, ask yourself ‘why am I trying to go for the non-binary look?’

2. Understand the aesthetic. Gender-bending doesn’t always mean you are being edgy; it can be just you wearing women’s jeans. What’s important is that you commit to the look.

3. Look for beautiful things. Gender bending is not just being in women or men’s clothing, otherwise that’s just you wearing clothes of the opposite sex. So, find beautiful clothes and make them work for you.

4. Create a story with your looks and don’t just focus on trying to pull off a trend.  Create a feeling and a mood with your choices. In a nutshell, have a vision.

5. Look at your physicality and the parts of your body that are non-binary. Find clothes that accentuate those beautifully non-binary parts.

Nao’s design at the Menswear Week

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