The Weight We Carry Is ‘Love’

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By: Thanduxolo “Thandz” Buti
Main photo: Chang Duong – Unsplash

“February is infamous for reducing love to nothing but a commercial scheme that seems to reinforce the myth that exuberant gifts are the best way to express love.”

There is a poem by the famous author, Allen Ginsberg, titled Song, it reads: “The weight of the world is love. Under the burden of solitude, under the burden of dissatisfaction, the weight, the weight that we carry is love.”

Yes, the weight that we carry is love. Love is that force that can break us, heal us, diminish us, and rebuild us.

It can fill us up when we are running on empty and also remind us of the simple joys that make this trachaurus life worth living.

Love is that secret ingredient that pulls us back to the core of our being when we get lost astray. It is our truth. It is our power. It is our greatest pain.

It can cause us great anguish when rejected, yet it can also be an open invitation to our vulnerability, like a hand reaching out and seeking comfort from another.

Love is the chain that binds us together and continuously saves us when darkness threatens to swallow us raw.

It (love) does not have to be condensed to just romantic love. It can be love for yourself, love for your dream, love for your family, love for your friend or colleague, love for music and love for life.

It is that synthetic energy that always draws you closer to the light inside of you. It is the weight that is worth carrying and therefore can not be reduced to a day, a month or even a luxury gift.

It is that commodity that is as potent as drawing in your first breath in the morning.

Love is your power and a weight worth carrying.

Inshallah! May love see you through this life journey and offer you a sense hope even in tumultuous times.

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