The Butterfly Effect

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By: Boikhutso “BK” Ntsoko
Main image by: Krzysztof Niewolny – Unsplash

The caterpillar lives to feast on its environment, for survival. No one really likes or cares for the caterpillar; and yet it continues on.

Everyone enjoys and loves the butterfly, without the second thought that it is the same caterpillar that was shunned. And again, even the butterfly continues on with itself.

I honestly don’t think a caterpillar knows what it’s going to become when its in that cocoon. I don’t even think the butterfly is aware of its magnificence. It just exists. It just is.

The caterpillar knows the cocoon as a process of development and growth. Most probably, it doesn’t even like being in the cocoon. But it’s aware that if it’s going to evolve and change, the cocoon is the process.

In the cocoon it doesn’t think about what it’s going to be like once it is a butterfly. It just focuses on becoming. All its energy and desire is channeled to the process of metamorphosis.

I’m sure it must get lonely in there, frustrating and treacherous. And I think it really hates it because it spends most of the time mastering itself; deforming and reforming, crafting and re-sizing.

But the caterpillar has to accept the process and lives through it. The caterpillar has to spend it’s time harnessing the pain of knowing that no one enjoys the moments that will eventually become something we rejoice upon.

The day it hatches everyone marvels at the butterfly it has become; the symbol of beauty and everything amiable.

The butterfly is because the caterpillar was, and became.

Who is Boikhutso
Boikhutso Ntsoko is a Journalism graduate and a multimedia practitioner. Along with being a writer, he owns a production company, Beek–C Productions.

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