The Best Gift Of Love Is Time & Presence

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By: Siyabonga Londani Zulu
Main image by: Matheus Ferrero – unsplash

It’s that season of the love, again, where many will splurge on exuberant gifts and luxurious romantic gestures in efforts to express love for one another.

For me personally, I fail in an epic way at planning such things. Don’t get me wrong, it is not because I am not a man of grand romantic gestures, I just prefer to be spontaneous, and I am usually very rebellious to any sort of pressured conformity.

Whether or not you’re a man or woman of grand romantic gestures, I think that love is an expression and an extension of our individual character and personality.

For this very reason, we experience and communicate love differently. We struggle so much with deciphering how love should be and how we should experience it because we have not given a thought to the fact that we, ourselves, are very unique beings.

We try and mould each other into preconceived ideas modelled to us by pop stars, and it often fails, and we’re left frustrated and misunderstood.

I advise you, this season, to keep in mind that the best gift you can give to people that you love is your time and your presence.

This ‘Love Season‘ spare a thought for ‘why’ and not just ‘how much’ when you are wondering what to do for your loved one or that potential someone. After all, the sentiments remain when the trinkets have long faded.

Siyabonga Londani Zulu with b1 preset
Siyabonga Londani Zulu. [Supplied]

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am very big on reciprocation.

For me, this is a big clue to how much someone values you in their life. It’s all about effort and less about matched exchanges of gifts.

I don’t want to get caught up with thinking that love is about what someone can buy me or what I can buy them – my love will never be for sale and neither should yours.

This year, my hope is that you settle for more than just a gift.

I hope that you will give and receive love. It’s beautiful.

And for those in a steady but enduring race to find that potential other, I hope you realise that beauty and love is already within.

Also, keep in your hearts that the best gift you can give to people that you love is your time and your presence – to be fully in the moment, deeply connected to them, for all the right reasons.

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  1. Precious Sibiya

    This is a beautiful piece and so true.. People tend to focus on the “gift” rather than the “moment”.. It’s refreshing to read your perspective..


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