Soso: Reaping the rewards of perseverence

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Soso Rungqu’s role as Morongwa on Isidingo has finally awarded her nation- wide acclaim as an actress after years of fighting for her breakthrough as an actor.

By: Thanduxolo “Thandz” Buti

The stories of the road towards becoming a successful actor in South Africa are brazenly exasperating, and Soso has not been exempt from the impeding hurdles of the industry. But after ten years of resilience she candidly shares her joy of finally reaping the sweet rewards of the other side.

“Yo, dude! When God shows up, he shows off,” she exclaims with an unwavering smile.

“Every time someone stops me to appreciate my work, it’s still quite surreal. I mean even the people in the industry are giving me compliments like how authentic my acting is. It feels so good.”

The Eastern Cape born actress plays the fierce welder, Morongwa, in Horizon deep on the soapie. Sitting next to her it’s hard to overlook the subtle similarities between her and Morongwa. She is outspoken, confident and full of wit.

“I took that character and brought her so close to me so she could be believable,” she explains.

Because of my wide range of life experiences I am now able to tap into any given character. Morongwa is somehow familiar because I am familiar with different characters, challenges and emotions through my life journey.

She reveals her new role, Cecilia, for an upcoming telenovela she is currently shooting is also another great character that pushes her in an interesting way. The character is “a very strong and crazy woman who struggled with abuse”. Soso expresses that such stories are great tools in helping further chisel her craft.

“I don’t take my art for granted and I believe it shows in my work,” she adds.

“This to me means the world and so I am always working at it on a daily basis. I mean how do you get comfortable when you finally get to do what you have always wanted to do?”

Since losing her father last year in August she cites her craft as the main channel that helped purge her emotions. With her father playing a huge part in the person she is, the grief proved to be another test.

Soso on set as Cecilia for her upcoming show, Ripples.

Soso on set as Cecilia for her upcoming show, Ripples.

“It really shifted my perspective and made me channel my emotions positively. When I channel my emotions into the right space it kick-starts the healing process.

And also the joy and pride I bring to people who have suffered with me makes it even more special,” she says before happily taking a moment to greet a friend who spots her outside BUZZ9, a bar in melville.

One can’t help but catch the contagious energy that Soso exudes as she interacts with those around her. It easily proves her statement that she is currently in a very good space after a long time and she is happy to share the secret to attaining joy to upcoming actors.

“Anything is possible. Your dreams are valid, you will always be enough and someone out there will pay attention,” she shares.

And with a giggle she concludes: “Like my mother used to say to me ‘Hayibo Soso akukho kulobani apha emhlabeni. Get up and go there’. So, I say be prepared to fight.”

Catch Soso on Isidingo every week day at 18H30 on SABC 3.

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