Robot Boii: The Real-Life Transformer Unleashes His Superpower

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In 2022, Robot Boii (Mzwakhe Mbuli Jnr.) teleported himself into the music sphere with his mega-hit “Salary Salary”, and now he is on a mission to dominate the planet with his interchangeable artistic gifts.

By: Blacklight writer
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Like a real human android, Robot Boii is versatile. He is a dancer, actor, presenter, and creative director turned musician. His Amapiano hit single Salary Salary (With Mellow & Sleazy and Shaun MusiQ) has over 3 million streams on YouTube and sparked a viral dance challenge across all social media platforms.

Through its success, Robot Boii has amassed a massive following on social media and joins the elite circle of local influencers (over 700 000 Instagram & TikTok followers).

This year he has set his sights on a complete takeover. In his latest collaborative EP Yithi Sonke, he continues on the Amapiano trail. He says 2023 is all about elevation.

Watch Robot Boii performing “Salary Salary” on Idols SA:

“When I did Salary Salary, I did not have a projection of what the song might do,” He tells Blacklight.

“I am the type who believes in excellence and quality execution. So it’s quality and excellence over everything because with things like music, you never sure of how the public might receive it.”

Blacklight: You are a man of many talents, so what inspired you to add a musician to the long list of titles?
Robot Boii:
When I added music to the list, I wanted to be Robot Boii who also happens to make music. [I Believe] practice makes perfect. I am not one who introduces a new talent to the public that I haven’t mastered or something I don’t have some background in or understanding of.

Robot Boii wants to serve as an example to the youngins. [Photo: Supplied]

BL: Robot Boii is a peculiar name for a South African artist; how did you land on that name?
I am Robot Boii because I am programmed by God, filled by the blood, and controlled by the holy spirit. The name says a lot about me because I have so many god-given talents: you press a button, I dance; press a button, I rap; press a button, I edit or play instruments. So I have different functions—as a Robot would have.

BL: Was there a defining moment in your childhood that made you choose a career as an entertainer?
In my childhood, there was never really a defining moment [which led me to entertainment]. I was just not a sporty person. Whenever there were sports functions, I would dance during halftime. Whenever there were house plays, I would be dancing and not acting. So I have always been an entertainer from a young age.

BL: You recently released your EP “Yithi Sonke”; what is the intention behind this project?
This project is dedicated to everyone featured on the record, hence the title, Yithi Sonke. The shine is not just on myself but also on the upcoming artists featured to get some exposure. They are very talented people who happen to be unknown, and through this project, I hope they can be known and end up working with other people.

Watch the video for “Lotto” from the “Yithi Sonke” EP:

BL: Coming off from such a huge hit, Salary Salary, how do you plan to build on that momentum artistically?
Salary has taken me out of the country to countries like Namibia, Uganda and Dubai. Soon we will be doing London and the rest of the UK. The momentum is there for you to understand that you will never be relevant forever, but with the hype, one can “Strike while the iron is hot”.

I am trying to reach the international level by building as many relationships globally as possible. It’s important to build as many relationships as possible, and that’s what I aim to do with the Salary momentum while still cooking up other hits—cause there are many hits still in the vault.

BL: What do you hope your life and career say about you in the long run?
I want to motivate and be a role model to the youngins. I am one person in the industry who does not succumb to substances—I don’t drink or smoke—sober-minded all the time. Many people associate creativity with substance abuse, but you can be creative and achieve excellence without succumbing to peer pressure and substances. That is what I am standing for.

The “Yithi Sonke” EP is available on all leading music digital stores and all streaming platforms.

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