Q&A: Catching Up With House Duo, Black Motion

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Black Motion bewitched a sold-out crowd at ‘Ballentines – Beat of Africa‘ album launch, at Turbine hall, in Johannesburg. Blacklight caught up with the acclaimed dou before they wowed the crowd.

By: Blacklight writer
Images: Supplied

Black Motion is an undeniable powerhouse on the African music scene. The SAMA winning duo – comprised of Robert “DJ Murdah” Mohosana and Thabo “Smol” Mabongwane (percussionist) – may be a house act, but their crossover appeal has seen them dominate the music charts.

Their latest hit single Rejoice, with Bucie, is evidence that this pair makes classics, not just hits.

As ambassadors for Ballentine’s Scotch Whisky, they collaborated with the brand on their Beat of Africa album.

Easily one of the most authentic acts in the country, they were tasked with collecting rhythms and beats to craft a track that captures the essence of being South African. The album also includes tracks by other artists from Cameroon, Angola, Mozambique and Zambia.

Black Motion dazzling the crowd
Robert “DJ Murdah” of Black Motion dazzling the crowd. [Image: Supplied]

During the launch, which was also streamed on Channel O, the duo dazzled the crowd with their energy-charged performance, which comprised of their signature relentless live African drum beats and infectious dance moves.

An hour before they went on stage, the pair spoke to us about their music.

Even though they appeared to be suffering from fatigue – undoubtedly, due to their hectic schedule – they still managed to captivate the media and audience alike, in true Black Motion style.

Blacklight: What makes you stay true to yourselves?
Black Motion: Life and our everyday interaction with the people of Africa. Our everyday movements inspire us because when we move there is some sort of rhythm. Everything that is natural in life is what we use to create our music.

Our culture and our surroundings are the key to what makes us unique. It’s crucial that we use our culture and the things we absorbed while growing up in our townships and incorporate them into our music. Those are things that will forever make Black Motion, Black Motion.

We love this campaign because it celebrates these elements, which are very important to us. We hope that what we do does inspire people to be more true to themselves because we think that is one of the things that has made people love us.

BL: What makes a Black Motion track?
BM: A Black Motion track is that track that does not sound forced. It has to be organic because we are not about making hits, but more about creating music that will last for a lifetime.

Our music is all about the people and making them feel something. We are not just making house tracks, we are creating art. When we have achieved that in a track then we know that we have created something worth putting out.

BL: Going forward, what can we expect from you?
A whole lot of music, because that’s what we are all about. It’s important that as much as we are always on stage, we keep creating new music. Creating is what makes us wake up every morning and so that is what people must always look out for – new music that keeps getting better and better with time.

BL: What sort of musical territories would you love to explore in the near future?
We are quite experimental with our music and we are always open to new ideas, while still maintaining our signature sound.

We also don’t like to plan things; we just let life take us where it wants us to go. Obviously, we love collaborating and that’s how we grow as musicians. We always want to collaborate with other great African artists and we can’t even mention one because there are so many talented artists in Africa.  Anything is possible.

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