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The hip hop star had a chat with Blacklight about his style, being the African ambassador for Diesel, and shared some style tips.

By: Blacklight writer
Photo by: David Blaq

Blacklight: How important is style in Hip Hop?
Priddy Ugly:
Style is very important in any genre of music. We are very visual human beings and anything that is visually interesting gets our attention. Sometimes, before people even buy into the music, they may be attracted by the way you package yourself, and that’s the style.

As much as it is about the music, the whole package is important because the kids are always looking to emulate and style is another way to keep them interested. As an artist, I know that I must keep people interested in other ways, beyond the music, and fashion is just one of them.

BL: What do you like, style-wise?
For me, style is about comfortability. I am a performer and I can’t wear things that restrict me on stage in any sort of way.

In terms of personal style, I like to go for what other people might not normally got for.

Most times I don’t go for the fanciest item because that’s what many might go for. I opt for simpler items and then I accessorise to make them more interesting. I love gold accessories, so I use them a lot to enhance my looks.

In the beginning, I didn’t have much and so I learned how to be stylish on a tight budget. That teaches you to be creative.

Sometimes I would just get a normal T-shirt and chop off the sleeves or bleach it, just to make it more interesting.

Essentially, it’s all about understanding yourself, being creative and comfortable.

Watch the video for Priddy Ugly’s single 02HERO ft Shane Eagle: 

BL: Tell us about the inspiration behind your hairstyle?
I haven’t been given a crown, yet, and so I decided to give myself one. This is my crown. I get to style it and do whatever I want to do with it. It makes me feel like a King.

I always say that, ‘before people can make me feel confident as an artist, I need to build that confidence for myself, first.’ So, in the morning I wake up, look in the mirror, I see a king with his crown on.

BL: You are the African ambassador FOR Diesel. What appealed to you about the partnership with the brand?
I have always loved the brand but there was a time when the brand was not accessible to me as a young black man from the township. With this campaign, we are trying to change that by making it accessible to everyone, whether you’re from the township or the suburbs.

It’s easy for me because I have always loved the brand and I have supported it with my own money. I think I am a good representative because, stylistically, I love their clothes and I am able to reach the kid from the suburbs and the one from the township.

BL: Are there people whose style you admire?
I admire people who put some sort of effort into the way they dress but I don’t emulate because style is about doing your thing. However, I would say I love actor Nkuli M’s style, and guys like Riky Rick who are breaking the mould with how they dress.  Sometimes, it’s not always about wearing the nicest piece of clothing; it’s about the confidence to dare to wear it.

I also admire Loot Love because I feel like she always wears what’s comfortable for her, and as I mentioned, it’s all about comfortability, for me.

BL: Any style tips that you want to share with us?
Be comfortable.

Understand yourself and your body.

Be unapologetically true to yourself and try not to emulate people or trends.

Be inspired but don’t copy. Try and flip it, to suit you.

Be creative and have fun with style.

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Priddy Ugly’s debut album E.G.Y.P.T is available on iTunes.
Twitter: @Priddy_Ugly
Instagram: @priddy_ugly

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