Kyla-Rose Smith: Music That Got Me Through Trying Times

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Kyla-Rose catapulted to fame as the member of the multi-platinum selling group, Freshlyground. As she sets out to explore new musical horizons, she takes us through music that got her through her blue days.

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“I am no longer with Freshlyground. I am currently based in New York City – working on various projects,” she makes the shocking disclaimer.

This comes as a startling revelation, considering that she was one of the most adored members of the band.

Kyla lit up stages with just her violin and impressive dance moves, and had audiences spellbound, nationally and internationally.

Watch: Freshlyground – I’d Like

The musician says she is now based in New York and working on various musical projects. She is part of an “investigation of urban centres through the medium of sound, titled Hear Be Dragons, as well as working with an organization, Found Sound Nation, on various socially engaging music projects.”

Despite her always bubbly persona, turns out she has blue days, too.

She takes Blacklight through some of her favourite records, which made some of the foggy moments in her life more bearable.

Van Morrison – Astral Weeks
This is just such a great record, filled with crazy arrangements and a wonderful sense of abandon. It makes me happy.

Joni Mitchell – Hejira
I associate this album with a very important relationship in my life that brought me a lot of joy and a lot of sadness, like most relationships do.

Funny enough the title, Hejira, is a transliteration of the Arabic word hijra, which means “Journey”.

There is a certain restlessness about this album and a certain melancholy, which I do associate with traveling and moving through the world – something I have spent a lot of time doing.

The song that I would always play is Blue Motel Room. It has incredible lyrics which take me back to a certain time in my life.

D’Angelo – Brown Sugar
D’Angelo’s debut album, how could that not make you happy? It’s all smoky, warm and all about love and romance.

The Roots – Things Fall Apart
I just love The Roots. This is actually quite a dark album, I think, but darkness with a certain anger and rage – which is sometimes what you need to get you through a really tough time.

A song like Step into the Realm is just so totally badass! Its lyric reads as: “Step into the realm, you’re bound to get caught and from this worldly life you’ll soon depart.”

Beck – Sea Change
Beck wrote this album after a breakup, so, it actually comes from a pretty sad and dark place. But it’s an incredibly beautiful album with sweeping melodies and beautiful string arrangements to carry one through the melancholy.

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