How To Conquer Your Body Goals

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Many start the year with body goals, and while it may prove to be difficult to get that dream toned body, it is possible, and I am here to tell you how.

By: Manny Chery
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The holidays slipped by so swiftly with all the festivities, which included over-indulgence on alcohol and food. Many who visit home for the holidays know that when it comes to meals, the more the merrier.

This is without even counting the countless house parties, group outings and special events, which are not complete without an accompanying feast.

These are just some of the few things that we can count that see a lot of people gain a tremendous amount of weight over the holidays.

Now that we are easing back into our normal daily routines, many are still battling to drop those unwanted kilos, and are starting to feel like that new year resolution of getting that toned body
is unobtainable.

Unfortunately, getting your desired body is not as easy as just setting the goal – getting the perfect body requires a strict diet, exercise, discipline, hard work and commitment.

Here are just a few simple ways to help you get a little closer to achieving your goal:

You want to limit the amount of sugar, processed food, alcohol, and anything else that is making your digestive system work harder than needed.

When on a detox, the goal is to get your gut health to improve, then step-by-step reintroduce some foods in smaller portions.

Most of us don’t eat enough food that contains fiber, that is why it is important to have fruits and vegetables, daily, to help improve our gut health.

Daily meals

Most active people need to have well-balanced meals with the right amount of nutrients.

This includes lean protein, clean carbohydrates, and good fats, daily.

Some clean carbohydrates examples are brown rice, sweet potatoes, fruits, vegetable, etc.

Try to stay away from processed foods/beverages such as fried food, fast food, soda, sugar drinks, etc.

Always read the food label and try to avoid having things with high fat content, high sugar content, and high carbohydrate content (for the most part).

The best general starter exercises would be low to moderate intensity cardio.

I would recommend starting with bodyweight exercises such as squats, push-ups, sit-ups etc. Also, consistent body movement is beneficial.

Additionally, going for walks is a good low-to-moderate cardio intensity workout.

Map out how many days you can realistically dedicate to exercise per week. Develop a plan as to which days and times will fit best. Then execute the plan consistently each week.

Gyms nowadays have many different gadgets to make exercising more fun. Depending on your fitness level, I suggest researching the advance versions of the exercises you currently perform in your routine.

Also invest in a personal trainer to teach you fun ways to attain your fitness goals.

Depending on what you can afford, I would also recommend you download an app that allows you to record your exercises or just write down what you did each time.

That way you can see very clearly the progression from day one of the exercise program.

The goal must have a realistic timeline for completion, that way you can make sure every day counts.

Remember, there are only two paths a person can choose to try to get to their goal: Putting in the work until you get there and trust your body to adapt in a positive manner or just giving up and not making any strides towards your goal.

You can also always track your progress by tracking your data. Are you becoming less tired throughout the workout? Are the weights becoming easier? Do your clothes fit a little better? etc. 

The reward at the end of the day is the confidence in one’s self and having a stronger and healthier version of yourself.                                                                       

Manny Chery.

Remember: Think of a realistic goal. Be specific and make it measurable.

Come up with actions you can commit to doing on a weekly basis.

Try to find someone that can help support you mentally or physically to get through your journey.

About Manny Chery

Manny Chery is a full-time Professional Fitness Trainer based in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. He is a Certified Personal Trainer and a former manager of a fitness facility with 20 other personal trainers that serviced strength, weight loss, and youth fitness programs.

Manny holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education with a focus in Exercise Science, as well as a Nutrition Specialist certification. He is currently busy helping people live a healthier lifestyle and accomplish their fitness goals, while also working on further Nutrition certifications.

Follow his fitness journey and get more tips:
Instagram: @manny.chery

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