Simphiwe Dana Gets Candid About Her Battle With Depression

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On a poignant post on Facebook, Simphiwe shared her struggle with the silent disease.

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Depression is still an untouched subject in the black community, and with big like stars, like Simphiwe Dana, opening up about their battle with the illness, many might realise that they are not alone.

The singer’s revelation follows in the footsteps of stars like Bonnie Mbuli, Hip Hop Pantsula and Sade Giliberti – who have also been public with their battle with depression.

Simphiwe’s post was praised by many and inspired a few to also share their pain.

Here is the full post:
“The stigma surrounding depression is such that you will feel more punished in your greatest hour of need. And this is not intentional. People shy away from things they don’t understand. And, so, they will act distant, when the usual words of comfort don’t work, or if it takes too long for you to snap out of it. Understand you can’t snap out of depression.

Depression is not something you allow to happen. Depression happens to you despite your best efforts. Some of the strongest people I know are the ones who live with this disease. Most of you wouldn’t last a day in their shoes.

Imagine having to wake up everyday and consciously and actively have to find reasons to be happy. And with certain triggers it can be a debilitating disease. Some of the most beautiful and humane people I know live with this disease. They know the depth of human misery and would therefore never deliberately subject another human to misery. And yes, there are people who are beyond basic help. People that need medical help!

I’m a closet comedian, this is my coping mechanism. You’ll be surprised how many of your comedians live with depression.

I live to laugh, tease. I’m also a lover. I live to love. I’m generally happy because I’ve surrounded myself with laughter. Most of my friends live to tease. I also love that quiet support.

‘Come let’s Netflix and chill, or just cook together, or play music, or read – no need to talk’. And that’s when I’m going through the most. Silence can be my place of comfort, especially when shared. Silence can be deadly when you’re alone.

Maybe this status will help you help a friend.”

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